Elon Cat (Elon CAT) is a unique project that combines the use of Bitcoin ordinals and the Ethereum blockchain. ELON CAT decided to use the newly developed Bitcoin Ordinal system, which allows the launch of tokens at BRC-20. We took a slightly different approach where the token was encapsulated in WETH, which allows merchants to use the ERC-20 network, which is generally more popular and widely used, with added higher speed compared to the BRC-20 network. 20. To do this, we fractionated the Elon CAT Ordinal into 1,777,000 Million ERC20 tokens using fractional.art, allowing us to turn the Bitcoin-Native Ordinal into the FIRST Elon CAT token that lives in Bitcoin! The project involves creating encapsulated ELON CAT tokens, which allow users to access the benefits of both networks and provide interconnection between them.